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SARA BSK specialises in the construction and servicing of vehicles for the transportation of chemicals, even dangerous ones under ADR regulations, in liquid form. Specifically, the company’s core business is the manufacturing of road tankers (tanks + semi-trailers).

Alongside its standard production, SARA BSK truly shines when it comes to the high level of customisation available for the requested model.

The tanks are made from AISI 316 steel, AISI 304 steel, upon request and with limitations in line with ADR regulations, for the transportation of materials at even very high temperatures (up to 200°C). The insulation is produced internally by highly-skilled staff, with strict controls of the materials used and the manufacturing process.

As proof of full compliance with the procedures and the careful attention paid to each process, in 1998 the company was awarded (and subsequently renewed) its Certification of the Company’s Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

SARA BSK, because a safe journey starts with a safe vehicle

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