Our Goal:

After outlining the specifications of the project, the most important thing is researching and selecting the best materials for the job. The use of automated systems and jigs ensures maximum efficiency in the production cycle and high quality standards for every single product. Each process undergoes strict non-destructive controls according to the specifications of testing standards.

All solutions offered respect the certifications and standards imposed by the regulations in force.

And that’s not all. In order to satisfy the client with the most targeted and efficient service possible, SARA BSK deals directly with the Ministry of Transportation to carry out all the necessary vehicle registration processes and fulfil the relevant obligations.
A SARA BSK vehicle is a ‘turnkey’ product… ready to hit the road!

SARA BSK provides clients with an additional service: training for the tanker staff.

12-month guarantee


La produzione sara BSK 001
La produzione sara BSK 002

Some of our typical production:

Cisterna 37350 L a 3 scomparti 001

Tank 37350 L

with 3 compartments
Cisterna 37350 L a 1 scomparto

Tank 37350 L

with 1 compartment
Cisterna 37450 L a 1 scomparto

Tank 37450 L

with 1 compartment


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